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"Samsung Mobile Design Competition finalists present their wallpaper designs to the jury". Dezeen "Top five wallpaper designs revealed in Samsung and Dezeen's mobile design competition". Dezeen "Food Sociability: Common Social Denominators". Harvard GSD "Multiple Miamis". Harvard GSD "Books on Bus". Spaces of Solidarity "We need to talk". outside "String theory: Art’s meaning left to float". Phnom Penh Post "The Architecture of 1,250 Hanging Letters Tells Classic Story". The Cambodia Daily

I'm Rith*

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer with an interest in narrative-driven design, in the context of the digital and physical environments. My work focuses on human-centered experiences across different mediums and scales.

Currently@ Bluecadet
Previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

I hold a Master in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design. I am trained to critically think about design as a storytelling device and a problem-solving skill that can be applied to various disciplines.

Let's dream together! *Panharith Ean
(something like this, in a nine-square grid)