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  One room hidden   This project requires designing a series of five rooms, where one of them is hidden. 4+1 exercises one's subjective perception of the space versus its objective reality.The five walls create a sequence of four hallways, and the hidden room is within the middle wall. Formally, the design plays with the variations of wall's thickness but still creating the same hallway's dimension. In some instances, the columns would merge into the wall, in some they stand seemingly indifferent.

Year: 2016
Design critic: Jennifer Bonner

Ground Level
Three types of columns:
Miesian cross column marks radius that generates concave and convex on the walls
Rectilinear column creates the flowing path in and out of the hallways
Round column echoes the circle extrusion on the walls
Sub Level
Site Axon
Physical Model
Physical Model: sub level
Concept Model
Concept Model