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  Co-living between  
  Domestic & Commerce   The project aims to combat the segregated living experience in high-density housing. It proposes a collective living by integrating domestic home and commercial establishments. Amenities from a domestic space can be shared and/or commercialized. The design experiments with the form of a cairn, to imagine a new high-rise silhouette in downtown LA.

Commercial spaces are introduced to expand public spaces and thus provide social opportunities to residents and visitors. Traditional residential units are merged with commercial spaces by externalizing various domestic programs. For example, a unit expands its kitchen and dinning room transforms into a trattoria, while another unit expands its closet area to operate as a clothing store.

Site:  Los Angeles, CA, USA
Year:  2018
Design critic:  Andrew Holder
Published and exhibited:  Platform 11: Setting the Table

Unrolled section of commercial spaces
Concept massing study of the complex derived from cairn
Manipulation of the mass through carving to create architectural space
Massing Model
Different unit types combining private quarter and commercial space
Mid-level Plan
Upper-level Plan