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  Co-living in an alley   The project asks the question of how an alley of a dense neighborhood in Tokyo can create variations of spaces to accommodate a new realm of collective living. The design begins by extracting living amenities such as kitchen, dining room, and living room in the existing program, and invert them inside out, onto the public alleyway. In doing so, the current residents gain larger square footage of those amenities and a sense of community by sharing such amenities with the neighbors.

New surfaces of the alley, results from the cutting out, are guild wood panels. The gold adds the speculative quality to the domestic material of the wooden panels, whereas the new additions spaces are colored in various colors.

Site: Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan
Year: 2019
Design critic: Sou Fujimoto, Mircea Eni

Interventions in the Alley
Ground Plan
Public Bathhouse and Private Home
Gallery and Egress
Dining and Kitchen
Dinning room perspective: visible from the living quarter, and transparent from the public alley