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  Berklee College of Music  
  Extension and Performance Center   The project is an integration of performance spaces and a new center of Berklee College of Music and Boston Lyric Opera. The design aims to present a new physical identity for Berklee and BLO, and a spectacle for Boston. Formally, the buildings is divided into three volumes of spaces, open-air public plazas, fully enclosed performance hall with reflective mirror exterior, and mountain tops with glazed facades.

The project sits on the parcel above Massachusetts Turnpike at the busy intersection between Massachusetts Ave. and Newbury St. The formal strategy is to lift the building, creating public ground plaza, activating public space in the congested area of Boston. The raised plaza is supported by undulating concrete structures that come down onto the Turnpike, enabling the underbelly of the highway. The performance hall, along with its adjacent programs, takes up an enclosed volume. A roof scape that is designed to be a second public plaza. This plaza mediates between the public program below and the private program of academic and residential that are houses in the mountainous volumes on the top.

Site:  Boston MA, USA
Year:  2017
Design critic: Â Belinda Tato

Programs and their time used
Stacking different programs with public space (yellow) on different levels
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Section A
Section B
Section C
Ground Plaza
Rooftop Plaza