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😬 Hi, I'm Rith!
(Panharith Ean)

currently@ Bluecadet,
previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

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in a nine-square grid)

  Public Performance Space​   The intervention seeks to emphasize temporality: moving, changing, performing. The terracing profile of the site then becomes a backdrop to the Ephemera.

Vertical elements reflect the immediate [passerby movement] and the eventual [seasonal changes and weathering]. These polished aluminum verticals allow one to move with them, dance with them, see [with them, in them, through them]. The position of the verticals derives from an existing layout of the trees. These verticals create fragments of spaces, opening and closing views through their arrangements. Between two spaces, these elements rotate, becoming interactive thresholds. Sectionally, the vertical elements blur hard edges while a fine mist is introduced to obscure the horizontal boundary between the two performing stages. Mist is formless, morphing itself with the surrounding to create a sense of space. This intervention becomes a sensitive device that records the ephemera.

Site:  North End Boston, MA, USA
Year:  2014
Design in collaboration with:  Gregory Jimmie
Design critix:  Ingrid Strong

Award:  2nd Place Winner, Urban Path Compeition
Published on:  WAr volume 5

Exterior Perspective
Conceptual Collage: mirror and mist
Site Section
Below ground stage
Above ground stage