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  Waterfront installation   A study of East Boston waterfront unveils its characteristics through the intervention. The project explores the edge condition on how land and water meet, tidal changes, and materiality. Form is generated by a way-finding through a variety of steps along the site. In response, the artificial and natural behavior of the surrounding creates the arrangement of each spatial element. Movement is carefully choreographed through specific placement of objects; however, tidal changes unstitch this rhythmic way of moving, and the dialogue between the existing conditions and the installation becomes performative. This interaction appears when the ephemeral qualities of the place enable or disable the experience of the static object. Time is evidence of these changes as one witnesses the weathering of the space initiated by the situation of the place. This experience would vary depending upon the time of day.

Site:  East Boston, MA, USA
Year:  2016
Design critic:  Ann Borst

Award:  Morpholio Pinup 2014, Honor Award
Published on:  WAr volume 4

On-site recording of tidal interval
High Tides
Low Tides
Physical Model