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  Repurposing Paul Rudolph's  
  Government Service Center  
The studio worked closely with Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to propose new schemes and re-envision Paul Rudolph’s Government Service Center in Boston.

This proposal aims to bridge the social ecology of the neighborhood by introducing a residential program with an infrastructure for energy self-efficiency, a solar harvesting net over the site. This infrastructure transforms the courtyard into a performative public space, one where energy and ecology are monumentalized to attract visitors and movement through the site. A new commercial tower in the courtyard structurally supports the energy net. The structural articulation of the infrastructure has its echo in the undulation of the landscape.

Site: Boston, MA, USA
Project team: Panharith Ean, Bhavik Mistri, Vien Nguyen, John Teixeira
Role: concept & design development, research on energy & ecology, graphic visualization
Year: 2014
Design critics: Carol Burns, Mark Pasnik

Solar energy transferring to the building
Conceptual Energy Grid:
Composed of 30’ x 30’ solar panel, each can supply energy of 13500 kwh/year.
Existing Building Energy Consumption:
Current building energy consumption is approximately 13,000,000 kwh/year, which would need 980 of the 30’ x 30’ solar panels.
Reprogramming Building Energy Consumption:
Given the same square footage, by just reprogramming from an office building to a residential building,
the energy consumption drops almost half, consuming about 7,700,000 kwh/year.

Proposed Energy Grid:
The infrastructure is design with solar panel embedded surfaces that would supply a hundred percent of its energy consumption.
Courtyard view
Courtyard view
Hallway view
Rooftop view
Rooftop view
View from the hallway towards the courtyard
View from the street