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😬 I’m currently reading We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler, learning how to sew, and building a recipe database that can be sorted by food texture, cleaning effort, and cooking method.

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GSD Hall

GSD Hall is a digital platform that captures the many goings within the Harvard Graduate School of Design, offering real-time updates on events, news, activities within Harvard GSD. The Hall gives students, faculty, and staff access to their personalized content and schedule alongside a collective space to engage in the community dialogue.

Client: Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Team: Product Designer (Me), Communication Manager, Editorial Director
Role: R+D, Concept & Design Development, Wireframing, Design System


The Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam) is the world’s largest repository of printed documents and other original documentary material relating to the Democratic Kampuchea regime. The Center holds over one million pages of records, images, audio and video files. This website will serve as an online platform to access these resources, building on stories and information.

Client: Documentation Center of Cambodia
Team: Lead Product Designer (Me), Researcher, Engineer
Role: User Research, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Design System, Prototype


ebb is an online platform that fosters creative habit building and strengthens mental well-being by building mirco habit through rituals around multiple senses.

Team: Product Designer (Me), Researcher
Role: Research, Persona Development, Facilitate Interview/Survey, Wireframing, Design System, Prototype

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