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😬 Hi, I'm Rith!
(Panharith Ean)

currently@ Bluecadet,
previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

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  Installation   Almost There explores the invisible space between physical objects and locations. The space that is always so close but never really meeting. It invites you to communicate the feeling of longing for something, someone, a place, a memory.

The object focuses on the void between two masses, two opposite geographical landscapes, two pairs of places on opposite sides of the earth. The main wooden piece renders the topography of Mt Everest and the bottom terrain of the Challenger Deep. In between the highest and lowest point on earth exists everything and nothing simultaneously.

Exhibited at outside gallery,
North Adams, MA, USA | May - June 2017
Structural Design: Tommy Schaperkotter

Almost There is part of "We Need to Talk" exhibition, addressing the perceived value of art and design
in the US in regards to the proposed budget defund of the National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities.
(left) Challenger Deep: 11° 22' 24" , 142° 35' 30"
(right) Mt. Everest 27° 59' 16.26" , 86° 55' 30.09"
(left) Windy Harbour, Australia: -34° 46' 47.78" , 116° 4' 25.48"
​(right) North Adams MA, USA: 42° 42' 3.29" , -73° 6' 31.37"
(left )Phnom Penh, Cambodia: 11° 32' 41.54" , 104° 53' 31.8"
(right) Bosque de Proteccion Alto Mayo, Peru: -5° 53' 10.26" , -77° 36' 28.03"

I understand the gravity of a train

from the empty space and warmth
afterbirth air of recent loss

which I encounter when I run down to
the platform thirty seconds too late.

It is the same with all things of such weight,

to understand them best when you have
just missed them.

Franny Choi
“Notes on the Existence of Ghosts”