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😬 Hi, I'm Rith!
(Panharith Ean)

currently@ Bluecadet,
previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

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  Installation   Up explores the tectonic language of pleating and the material property of fabric. The rigidity of the pattern is an interplay with the organic structure of fabric. The pleating patterns are computationally generated to maximize the fabric tension and minimized material waste. A series of loops in varied sizes hold the tension of the folded fabric, allowing in-between spaces for people to stand in and walk around. The installation was part of the 2015 Illumination Festival in Rockport, MA.

Exhibited at Illumination Night Festival,
Rockport, MA, USA | July 2015
Firm: Khôra
Principal/Supervisor: Rob Trumbour
Role: Design development, grasshopper script

Photos credit: Rob Trumbour

Paper Model