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(Panharith Ean)

currently@ Bluecadet,
previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

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  Exhibition   Bigger than a Breadbox, Smaller than a Building is an exhibition that explores the use of installation as an investigation tool and spatial medium in contemporary architectural practice and pedagogy. The exhibition is hosted by the Boston Society of Architects’ BSA Space gallery, featuring works of designers and architects from an international competition under the same name, alongside invited pieces from distinguished local practitioners. The exhibition aims to create dialogue and provoke questions that examine architectural theory, practice, and pedagogy through the medium of installation.

Exhibited at Boston Society of Architects,
Boston, MA, USA | June - October 2015
Firm: Khôra
Principal/Supervisor: Rob Trumbour, Aaron Willette
Role: research, design curation, graphic design

Iteration of Graphic Idenity
Timeline Infographic
Expanded Field
Comparative Mapping

NADAAA, Catenary Compression: the Tensile Vault, reconsidered
Matter Design, Microtherme
IK Studio, Spatial Dissections
Photos credit: Samantha Altieri