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😬 Hi, I'm Rith!
(Panharith Ean)

currently@ Bluecadet,
previously@ Harvard, OMA, Studio Z, Khôra

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  Exhibition   Speak! Listen! Act! is a kaleidoscope of architectural elements for public space is an exhibition of 20 projects by Zenovia Toloudi and students. The exhibit investigates how design can act as an agency to instigate or reinforce for the public a series of actions, such as communication, interaction, collaboration, playfulness, and empathy. Through responsive designs, temporary interventions, participatory events, collective experiences, and happenings, architecture can serve the commons, and therefore can become the catalyst for social space and public action.

Exhibited at Dartmouth College | Oct - Nov 2016,
Firm: Studio Z
Principal/Supervisor: Zenovia Toloudi
Role: visualization, 3D modeling

Photo credit: Samantha Altieri