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😬 I’m currently reading Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, learning how to sew, ballet, and quantum physics, building a recipe database that can be sorted by food texture, cleaning effort, and macros.

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PQ Mesh

Planar Quadrilateral (PQ) Mesh researches double curvature surfaces (non-zero Gaussian), to transform them into developable surfaces through the panelization technique. Panelization takes on different control parameters: density, size, height of the panels, allowing for customization bespoke to the output medium. The application of the research aims to resolve complex geometry for fabrication at different scales and mediums from wearables to architecture.

Almost There

Almost There explores the invisible space between physical objects and locations. The space that is always so close but never really meeting. It invites you to communicate the feeling of longing for something, someone, a place, a memory.

The object focuses on the void between two masses, two opposite geographical landscapes, two pairs of places on opposite sides of the earth. The main wooden piece renders the topography of Mt Everest and the bottom terrain of the Challenger Deep. In between the highest and lowest point on earth exists everything and nothing simultaneously.

Exhibited at outside gallery,
North Adams, MA, USA | May - June 2017
Structural Design: Tommy Schaperkotter

Something Floating

Something Floating explores the temporal quality of a space. The two surfaces are composed of 1250 individual transparent strings with attached letters to narrate the dialogue between the Little Prince and the Geographer from The Little Prince novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The negotiation between the two characters discusses over the validity of permanent geographical features: mountains, oceans, and desserts, versus the unimportant temporariness of a flower. The Little Prince’s flower is condemned as ephemeral, a running theme throughout the novel.

Exhibited at 1961 gallery,
Siem Reap, Cambodia | April - June 2016
Design in collaboration with Gregory Jimmie
Published on: Phnom Penh Post, Cambodia Daily

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