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😬 I’m currently reading Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, learning how to sew, ballet, and quantum physics, building a recipe database that can be sorted by food texture, cleaning effort, and macros.

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GSD Hall

GSD Hall is a digital platform that captures the many goings within the Harvard Graduate School of Design, offering real-time updates on events, news, activities within Harvard GSD. The Hall gives students, faculty, and staff access to their personalized content and schedule alongside a collective space to engage in the community dialogue.

Client: Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Team: Product Designer (Me), Communication Manager, Editorial Director
Role: R+D, Concept & Design Development, Wireframing, Design System

Tech Masterplan

Qiddiya is a new city developed as part of the UAE 2030 Vision. We develop a technology masterplan that integrates digital and physical experiences. We propose a user interaction system that operates at different levels, and can be applied to different modes of interaction.

Client: City of Qiddiya, UAE
Team: Lead Product Designer (Me), Technologist, Engineer
External Partners: Architects, Urban Planners & Developers
Role: Coordinate Project Roadmap & Milestones, Research, Rapid Concept development, Wireframing, UI, Prototyping


ebb is an online platform that fosters creative habit building and strengthens mental well-being by building mirco habit through rituals around multiple senses.

Team: Product Designer (Me), Researcher
Role: Research, Persona Development, Facilitate Interview/Survey, Wireframing, Design System, Prototype

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