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😬 I’m currently reading Tom Lake by Ann Patchett, learning how to sew, ballet, and quantum physics, building a recipe database that can be sorted by food texture, cleaning effort, and macros.

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Brainwave researches the corresponding between our brain and the surrounding environment. The research studies the electroencephalogram (EEG) data collected from participants in response to external stimuli. We then use the data to create a light installation, visualizing the constant feedback loop between brain activities and the environment.

Client: Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab, Harvard
Team: Designer & Researcher (Me), AI/ML Engineer, Software Developer, Fabricator
Role: Research, Concept & Design Development, Arduino & Processing Prototyping, On-site Installation

Photosynthesis of Galaxy

Photosynthesis of Galaxy is inspired by the tropical rainforest of Guadeloupe. The forest is a living, breathing ecosystem. The forest’s atmosphere shifts its color hue in real-time throughout the day. The leaves move slowly in a breathing rhythm, encourage people to perhaps take a break from the swiping and tapping, to just breathe.

Top 5 finalist of the 2019 Samsung Mobile Design Competition global contest
Published on dezeen.com
Exhibited at Samsung Developer Conference
San Jose, CA | October 2019

I'll See You in the Sky

I’ll See You in the Sky is a web-based application that simulates the color of the sky base on your location (city's name) input. The base color is generated by the current time of the location and is saturated by the warm or cool tone based on the location temperature. The location’s weather conditions (rain, snow, cloudy, drizzle, thunderstorm) will further saturate the base color. The directional wind angle determines the angle of the gradient The data is constantly updated using OpenWeather’s API.

I’ll See You in the Sky is a quiet little corner on the Interweb, where you can choose where to go, watch the color of the sky changes, and just breathe.

Bigger Than a Breadbox Smaller Than a Building

Bigger than a Breadbox, Smaller than a Building is an exhibition that explores the use of installation as an investigation tool and spatial medium in contemporary architectural practice and pedagogy. The exhibition is hosted by the Boston Society of Architects’ BSA Space gallery, featuring works of designers and architects from an international competition under the same name, alongside invited pieces from distinguished local practitioners. The exhibition aims to create dialogue and provoke questions that examine architectural theory, practice, and pedagogy through the medium of installation.

Client: Boston Society of Architects
Team: Data Visualization Designer (Me), Creative Directors, Fabricator, Art History Researcher
Role: Data Analysis/Visualization, Graphic & Exhibition Design, 3D Modeling

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